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Meet our Instructors!

Combined, our instructors have over 60 years of teaching, mentoring & STEAM outreach experience.  They bring their enthusiasm, knowledge and real-life experience to every session.  


Dr. Jeanita Pritchett Clay

Founder and Facilitator 

" STEAM outreach allows me to serve as a mentor for those that may not see themselves belonging in the field.  It's essential to expose kids to STEAM early and often.  When they see it, they believe it.  When they believe it, they BECOME it!"

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Dr. Nacole King

Program Manager and Facilitator

"Science outreach gives me the opportunity to give back to my community.  Learning about science is a passion of mine and sharing my passion with the world is my goal."

Dr. Christina Jones

Program Manager and Facilitator

"So many kids aren't aware that STEAM is a big part of their everyday lives. Helping them make that connection and seeing that lightbulb go off is extremely fulfilling."


Dr. Candice Ulmer Holland


"I feel it almost necessary to share my passion for STEM with others. As a result, I view STEM outreach as a means to break barriers, reach back to the same communities that uplifted me, and inspire those that will come after me to achieve endless successes in STEM."


Dr. Monique Johnson


"STEAM outreach means so much to me because it allows me to provide something I wish I had as a kid growing up. There is no greater joy than seeing the miracles of science in action and learning about chemical or biological processes that are happening all around us."


Dr. Regina Easley


"I love inspiring people through STEM outreach. I think it's important to know that we are all scientists and as scientists we don't have all the answers - there are so many fascinating questions that need exploring! Hearing this message early in life, motivated me to pursue a career in chemistry and oceanography."

Excited Children in Science Class

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